About the company

Yakult Europe B.V. is a subsidiary of Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. and is the headquarters and production location for the Yakult Group in Europe.

It was in 1964 that Yakult made the first steps of going global. During the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Yakult was tried for the first time by foreign athletes and visitors. From that moment on, Yakult ventured into the world starting operations in Taiwan in 1964.

After Taiwan, Yakult gradually extended its activities elsewhere in Asia, South America and Europe.

Yakult in Europe

In 1993 the first building activities of the European production location started in the Netherlands. The European headquarters, Yakult Europe B.V., started operations in 1994. The first bottle of Yakult produced in Europe was on 28th March 1994.

Now more than 25 years later, Yakult is available in 13 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Danmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

In Europe, Yakult has 6 sales and marketing companies situated in the following countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom and Italy.