Yakult – History


The scientist Dr Shirota, spent many years investigating microorganisms, in 1930 he succeeded in discovering a unique strain of lactic acid bacteria that was robust enough to survive through the intestines. He used this strain, now known as Lactobacillus casei Shirota, to make a fermented milk drink – and so, in 1935, the first bottle of Yakult was produced!

Discover the History of the Yakult Brand

In 1994..
Yakult started a production plant in Almere, in the Netherlands. Also the Netherlands was the first country in Europe to be chosen to start selling Yakult. Why was Almere/NL chosen to be the Yakult distribution point and first selling area in Europe? Well, Almere has the best quality of water, it has a central location for distribution around Europe and the Dutch are well-known for their love and knowledge of dairy products

  • 1994


    Yakult is launched in Europe, Headquarters and factory in The Netherlands

  • 1994


    The first botlle of Yakult in Europe

  • 2002


    First bottle of Yakult light

  • 2009


    The factory has received its 10,000th visitor.

  • 2014


    First bottle of Yakult Plus