Yakult – History


The scientist Dr Shirota, spent many years investigating microorganisms, in 1930 he succeeded in discovering aunique strain of lactic acid bacteria that was robust enough to survive through the intestines. He used this strain, now known as Lactobacillus caseiShirota, to make a fermented milk drink – and so, in 1935, the first bottle of Yakult wasproduced!

Discover the History of the Yakult Brand

In 1994..
Yakult started a production plant in Almere, in the Netherlands. Also the Netherlands was the first country in Europe to be chosen to start selling Yakult. Why was Almere/NL chosen to be the Yakult distribution point and first selling area in Europe? Well, Almere has the best quality of water, it has a central location for distribution around Europe and the Dutch are well-known for their love and knowledge of dairy products

  • 1994


    Yakult is launched in Europe, Headquarters and factory in The Netherlands

  • 1994


    The first botlle of Yakult in Europe

  • 2002


    First bottle of Yakult light

  • 2009


    The factory has received its 10,000th visitor.